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    Cor Mariae Girls Secondary School is a unique Catholic Missionary Boarding School established by the Sisters of the congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Mother of Christ and known for promoting the integral formation of young Nigerian girls regardless of tribe, religion or ethnic background, in its educational programmers, activities, policies and employment practices. The school is equipped with ultra modern facilities and qualified teachers. Cor Mariae is academically, physically, socially, intellectually and morally sound. And that is why the school is usually proclaimed prima inter pares (first among equals) and the pride of Anambra State. The noble institution continues to record outstanding success in academic and sports. Cor Mariae Girls are indeed indomitable in academic and sports.

    As a home for moral and academic excellence, she bequeaths her students with wisdom and ability to face and respond effectively to the challenges of life. The school exposes the students to an integral kind of learning, that one might call education for life, besides the general tasks. This is because our pursuit for excellence cuts across all aspect of school life making the experience of learning holistic as students have access to support, advice and guidance.

    Notwithstanding, unalloyed attention is paid to the spiritual, social, cultural and academic areas of human life. In fact, Cor Mariae is international in nature and it is just the best place to be!

    Our Mission Statement

    To foster in our children the values of humility, compassion, courtesy, sensitivity and responsibility, we endeavor to engender enthusiasm, genuine love for learning, good work habit and most importantly a sense of achievement, We offer our Pupils/Students sound academic, moral and religious orientation which is fast eluding our National Educational System. We try to establish a Catholic Presence and ensure that right type of education i.e Catholic Education, is given to children anywhere we are.

    Our Vision

    “To make the girl child a rare gem” (Pearl)

    Our Philosophy

    “Make them the fairest among the daughters of men”. Archbishop Charles Heery Cssp. (Father Founder)


    We admit candidates for post-primary education starting from junior secondary to senior secondary education.

    Entrance forms are available at every examination center








    Come to the examination with writing marterials such as pen, pencil, ruler, sharpener, eraser, etc.

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